Putting On The Quick Extender Pro Penis Extender


The Quick Extender Pro penis extender is quite simple to set up as it already comes preassembled. Once you have added the appropriate bars it is time to apply the device to the penis.  In order to do this I would like to take a moment to explain what makes the Quick Extender Pro so different from other penis extenders. This system, although looks similar to other brands, is the only one with a dual strap support piece; this means it has 2 comfort straps for glan support which is supposed to improve comfort and prevent slippage. These problems of constant pinching, discomfort and the device slipping off the penis is very common and if occurs on a regular basis, it will prevent fast results in the penis enlargement department. This new DSS or double support system is designed to prevent any slippage and radically improve comfort.

The idea behind this system is one comfort band is designed to go just behind the ridge of the penis tip and the rear comfort band will secure the penis shaft. This advanced design will help to divide the tension throughout the penis instead of focusing all the tension on one spot causing discomfort. By dividing the tension you will benefit from increased comfort, zero pinching and you will be able to wear the device for much longer. Another great benefit of choosing the DSS system is the Quick Extender Pro penis extender will no longer slip off. The dual comfort straps adds an even greater dimension of support making the device impossible to come off when you are moving around, running or walking.

I chose to wear this device with both comfort straps to get the most out of the penis extender. Before putting on your Quick Extender Pro penis extender I would like to give a word of advice that may help the process; shaving your pubic hair. I found that trimming your pubic hair makes putting on the device easier and more comfortable.  Sometimes when you move around or when apply or remove the device, it will snag and pull hair out, so you may want to try trimming your hair to prevent any annoying sensations.

Here are the best steps I found to putting on your penis extender:

  1. Trim Pubic Hair (optional but highly recommended).
  2. Remove pants and underwear (if not done already).
  3. Prepare the Silicone Tubes and Foam Pads by inserting the tubes through the foam.
  4. Lay the prepared comfort straps some place close to you.
  5. Compress the device with your hand (left or right).
  6. Slide you penis through the compressed penis extender.
  7. While the device is compressed pick up one of the assembled Comfort Pads.
  8. Slide one end of the tube through one of the top glan support holes.
  9. Slide the other end of the Comfort Pad through the other hole.
  10. Pull the tubes from the bottom to gently tighten the grip.
  11. Repeat the process for the other Comfort Pad
  12. Release the hand holding the device compressed.
  13. Pivot the device up or down, your choice for comfort and put your pants back on.

This is the simplest process I know of putting on the Quick Extender Pro penis extender. I have found that the process may read long but is in fact quite easy and quick. If you have any tips on how you do it, please drop me a line. I would love to hear about your experiences!

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